tease and taunt

pick and poke

scratch and maul

stab and choke

bring us this

bring us that

hello brother

fill my hat

merry christmas

help a junkie

season’s greetings

stuff your monkey

text me facebook

email me twitter

suck champagne

and roll in glitter

where is love

an epic fail

why is Bieber

not in jail

give me more

give me more

I want to be

a retail whore

mommy mommy

why is santa

burping loud

to suck Mylanta

shred the paper

back to work

New Year’s yay

go beserk

another year

of joy and love

return this item

push and shove

was here first

you stupid thug

wait there’s Oprah

let’s all hug

holiday wish from

me to thou

holy hell

shoot me now

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