rows and rows of decadence
chocolate covered dreams

gold and purple velvet
exotic coffee steams

haute coutre on sterling racks
staffed by aphrodite

cherry blossoms in the air
art to serve the mighty

gilded goblets fat with rubies
thick potions to control

ivory pipes on opal stands
pink smoke from their bowls

mahogany and marble
amber glass aglow

tinkling diamond chandeliers
funiture art nouveau

elixirs and magic rings
magenta fire in a jar

thick and heavy gold
tiffany eggs for the czar

pastel parisian cakes
hand stitched italian shoes

hornback crocodile leather
master barbers fine shampoos

bespoke tailor in a corner
adonis with fine liqueur

any delicacy or art
for any type connoisseur

richly wrapped and waiting
your opulent desires

soak them drink them in
bask in their fires

all priceless things
based on human lies

worth less than dust
compared to love in
someone’s eyes

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