Avast Thar!

Dear Reader,

The words here are not grammatically sophisticated.

They are an attempt to illustrate thoughts,

dreams and journeys one can only take alone.


Hold fast,


Source: Avast Thar!

4 thoughts on “Avast Thar!

  1. What A Gift You Have Keith…You Take People On A Journey In Your Writings…You Wisk Them Away To A Place of Magic Mystery And Yes Sometimes Mayhem….High Up Where There Is Magic And Beauty And Warmth …..Down Deep Into The Darkness That Dwells Somewhere In All Of Us…Thank You For The Journeys…. Can Not Wait To See Where The Next One Takes Me.


  2. Such a beautiful mind and soul. I look forward to reading more as you post them. I keep coming back to re read them, as with each new read, something else shows through. You have an amazing gift.


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